Urine Cytology

Urine cytology evaluates the urine for cancer cells.

Urine cytology is an examination of the urine to screen for cancer cells.

In preparation for this test, males must wipe the head of the penis and females need to wash the area between the lips of the vagina with soapy water and rinse. As the patient begins to urinate, they should allow a small amount to fall into the toilet bowel to clear the urethra of any contaminates. Then, in a sterile container, they should catch about three to six ounces of urine and then remove the container from the urine stream. The patient then gives the container containing the urine sample to their health care provider.

The urine sample will be sent out to a laboratory for evaluation by a pathologist who looks for the presence of cancer cells within the urine. Frequently, the second or subsequent urinations during the day and not the first urination of the day are examined.

The patient can resume their daily activities immediately following this test.

Used with permission from the American Urological Association